The international project "Music and Dialogue: listening for a better understanding" announces an open call for musicians and choir soloists from Ukraine (including temporarily uncontrolled territory), Germany, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan to work in the project orchestra and choir and take part in the Music Academy in July 2020.

We are looking for young motivated musicians playing the violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, bassoon, horn, as well as soloists of the choir (soprano 1, soprano 2, counter tenor, tenor, bass), ready for intensive work on July 10-31, 2020 in Severodonetsk, the Luhansk region, under the direction of conductor Vitaly Alekseenok (Germany / Belarus). We offer an exciting working atmosphere, opportunities for development of creativity and professional knowledge and skills within Music Academy.

"Music and Dialogue" is a continuation of the project implemented in Severodonetsk in the summer of 2019. For three weeks, musicians from different regions of Ukraine and other countries will work on the music program in close contact and constant communication with each other.

This year's musical focus is early and contemporary music. We will approach historically oriented performance with partial use of the necessary instruments and strings. The program will include, among other pieces, the Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 and Gloria BWV191 by Johann Sebastian Bach, the madrigals by Monteverdi and Gesualdo, as well as choral compositions by Sergey Nevsky and contemporary Ukrainian composers.

Within the framework of the Music Academy, all musicians will be able to participate in individual and group workshops in early music, as well as attend lectures and workshops in contemporary music and aesthetics. Workshops will be conducted by specialists from Germany and other countries.

The project comprises different events aimed at creating a space for dialogue and improving mutual understanding between people: we will communicate with the audience, conduct open rehearsals, concerts in the courtyards, open vocal lessons for everyone, chamber concerts in small towns and villages of the Luhansk region etc. All these events will allow the project team to integrate as much as possible into the life of local communities. In addition, we will organize a two-day festival in a small city in the Luhansk region, where you can also be a spectator, listener and participant in various events.

At the end of the project, we will be able to share the results of our hard work with colleagues from different regions and countries: in addition to several concerts in Severodonetsk and other cities of the Luhansk region, guest concerts are planned in Lviv and Berlin.

We invite professional musicians and students of conservatories and music colleges up to 30 years old, ready to take an active part not only in the rehearsals of the concert program, but also in supporting events of the project.

Our goal is to unite people in their joint aspirations, create an intellectually stimulating environment and provide the public with the opportunity to experience a spirit of cooperation based on creativity, optimism, aspiration for the future and active communication.

Previous projects have caused a positive response among participants, the public and the international media. Information about the project is available here.

To participate in the project, please, fill out an application form and add a link to the video on youtube / vimeo. Learn more about video requirements. The information you provide will allow us to form an idea of you and your professional capabilities.

Deadline for applications:
musicians — April 12, 2020
choir soloists (round 1) — April 5, 2020
choir soloists (round 2) — April 19, 2020

The organizers cover travel costs, accommodation, per diems during the project, and pay a fee.

Learn more about preliminary schedule for participants.

Additional information is available upon request to email

The project "Music and Dialogue" is implemented by VladOpera e.V. (Germany) and the Ukrainian-Belarusian initiative group "Opera and Dialogue", which resulted from the project "Music Overcomes Walls" in 2017-2018, in partnership with Serhii Prokofiev Severodonetsk College of Culture and Arts and the Luhansk Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater. The head of the project is Peter Schwartz (Berlin).
For musicians:

To participate in the project, fill out an application form and add links to videos of two pieces (complete or in fragments): one video of a Renaissance / Baroque / early classicism piece, the second one — at your choice.
The total duration of the two videos — 3-5 minutes.

For choir soloists:

To participate in the project:

Round 1: fill out an application form and add links to videos of two pieces (complete or in fragments): one video of a Renaissance / Baroque / early classicism piece, the second one — contemporary music (20-21st century).
The total duration of the two videos — 3-5 minutes.

Round 2: send us a video of Bach - "Gloria", BWV 191. 3 movement, page 26:

Soprano 1: bars 86-117 (until the letter F)
Soprano 2: bars 91-117 (until the letter F)
Viola: bars 91-117 (until the letter F)
Tenor: bars 92-117 (until the letter F)
Bass: bars 106-117 (until the letter F) and bars 123-134 (till the end)

Pitch 440 Hz.
Tempo: Quarter = 110 (+-10)
A piece in Round 2 can be recorded both with accompaniment and a capella.
Preliminary schedule for participants:

10.07 arrival in Severodonetsk (Ukraine)
11-15.07 Academy (master classes, rehearsals)
16.07 holiday
17-22.07 rehearsals
19.07 trip to other towns / "Musical dialogues in the Luhansk region" (chamber concerts in other towns of the region)
23.07 concert 1 in Severodonetsk
24.07 holiday
25.07 concert 2 in the Luhansk region
26.07 Festival in the Luhansk region
27.07 transfer to Lviv
28.07 concert 3 in Lviv
29.07 transfer to Berlin
30.07 concert 4 in Berlin
31.07 departure back home (or maybe 2nd concert in Germany)
International project "Music and Dialogue", 2019
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